If your attic isn’t ventilating properly all it’s doing is building up access hot air and moisture that can damage your shingles. Take it from our experience. You do not want to be looking at sudden roofing repairs that could have been easily prevented with the right ventilation. So remember a roof is more than just shingles. Get the right roofing system from the start and you’ll be getting maximum protection for your home and fewer hassles for you.Alison Victoria describes how important each piece of the roofing system is to provide maximum protection for your home.

​We know how intimidating it can be when you have to replace your roof. You want to make the right choices and get the right products to protect your home. Well one of the most important things you need to know right from the start is this, a roof is more than just shingles. It’s a system of components that work together to give you the protection you need to protect your most valuable asset. ​These components are crucial to a strong, reliable roof. ​

​Products like leak barrier and roof deck protection work to help keep moisture out. We know what high winds can do to a roof, starters trips help lock your shingles down and reduce the risk of a blow off. And ridge caps not only give you extra protection at the hips and ridges. They also add great finishing touch to your roof’s appearance. The last part of the system is one that many people don’t realize is so important for the life of a roof; attic ventilation.