Roof Repairs in Nassau County

As a an experienced and certified roofing repair contractor in Nassau County, Conlon Exteriors Inc is equipped to handle any roofing problem for both commercial and residential properties. Our qualified roofing specialists are equipped to handle much more than your leaky roof and provide a complete line of roof repair services of any kind that may include:

Flat Roofing Repair - Conlon Exteriors Inc roofing specialists offer the latest silicone technology for advanced flat roofing that renews worn or leaky roofs without the time consuming , messy and costly expense of tearing off old roofing material. Save on labor costs with the latest solvent-free silicone coating that resists dirt and can stand up to any form of extreme weather conditions. Ideal for use on all types of flat roofing, this roofing repair option comes with extended labor and product warranties that may eliminate the need for roof replacement ever again.

Roof Deck Repairs - Essentially the actual structural surface beneath the roofing material itself, the roof deck should be smooth and constructed with a wood quality that is solid enough to ensure that the roof covering can be securely fastened to the substrate. The quality of the of the roof deck has a direct impact on the performance of not only the roof of your home or business in Nassau County, but its entire structural integrity. Our fully licensed and insured team of roofing specialists are skilled with inspecting and performing professional roof repairs for roof substrates that begin with checking the attic beneath it for leaks and moisture related problems that often appear as black stains around roof nails and mold spores or water stains on interior ceiling and walls. Conlon Exteriors Inc roofing professionals inspect and repair roof decks to ensure they will hold up against snow, wind and rain and remain stable during expansion and contraction.

Roof Shingle Repairs – Protection against water infiltration begins with top quality shingles and professional shingle repair and replacement. Conlon Exteriors Inc roofing experts correctly install roof shingles with the proper specifications for long lasting performance and to enhance the curb appeal of your home or business in Nassau County. Consult with our reliable roofing team to replace missing shingles torn off from storm or animal damage for slate, or cedar roofing. Conlon Exteriors Inc is equipped to replace complete roof sections and provides detailed assessments of the conditions of shingles and related roof components for any type of roof covering.

Waterproofing Roofing Repairs - Protect the roof at your commercial or residential location with a secondary layer of defense that seals around nails and strengthens the entire roof covering. Conlon Exteriors Inc provides waterproofing shingle underlayment that is highly moisture resistant and provides maximum protection. Made of a composite material of asphalt and flexible polymers that is reinforced with fiberglass, Conlon Exteriors Inc specialist will customize the right mix of roof underlayment materials best suited to your property in Nassau County for expert installation that seals and surrounds the perimeter of the roof and roof valley including vents and skylights that provides the most secure water barrier allowing the roof to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions.

To learn more about our complete range of roof repair services, contact Conlon Exteriors Inc with any questions you may have today.