Vinyl Siding


Who do you want to do your Vinyl Siding or repair?

  • (A) A fly by night company that undercuts everyone by offering the lowest price just to get the job, inferior materials, shoddy workmanship and no warranties or guaranties? OR
  • (B) A company who has been in business since 1997, has an A+ BBB rating, has thousands of satisfied customers, works with integrity and offers the best in class service and materials?

​If you answered A and price is your only objective then Conlon Exteriors isn’t for you. But if you answered B then you are a smart homeowner and the kind of customers we love working with. An educated consumer is our best customers because they understand the value we bring to the table.

Vinyl and other polymeric siding, including insulated siding, are each certified and independently verified to meet or exceed unique quality standards and performance characteristics. This is your assurance that the product you choose will help protect your home:

  • In extreme weather events (all certified vinyl siding is tested to withstand winds of 110 mph, and most achieve a wind rating higher than that) including climate change — vinyl siding will withstand the hottest summers and sub-zero winters.
  • Against color fade, because certified products come with another level of assurance when certified for color retention (and there are hundreds to choose from)
  • Against rot and decay, because polymer-based sidings do not absorb water and their rain screening design does not trap water behind the siding — whereas fiber-based products are a mixture of wood pulp and sand, two things that will disintegrate over time when moisture penetrates the plank
  • By making it more energy efficient when you choose insulated siding, because it blankets your home in continuous insulation which fight heat loss through the framing lumber

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