Watch Alison Victoria explain why Timberline® Shingles are North America’s #1 selling roofing shingle.

Timberline shingles from GAF are in a class by themselves. Timberland shingles are the number one selling shingles in North America; and for a good reason. They offered just the right combination of beauty performance and reliability. Both homeowners and professional installers have been singing the praises of Timberland shingles for years. And here’s why.

First Timberline shingles featured GAF Advance Protection shingle technology. What this means for you is you will not find a shingle that surpasses timberline on toughness, wind uplift resistance, flexibility or fire resistance. As a homeowner that’s great reassurance for such an important investment. Now with all this protection you also get beauty; and there are four different Timberline architectural shingles to choose from. Each has a glorious palette of colors to really bring your roof to life. You can see the difference for yourself and your neighbors will notice too.

Not only will Timberline shingles help protect your home with their exceptional durability but they’ll also look great for years to come. And that’s so important if you’re thinking of reselling sometime down the road. In fact a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that you can increase the value of your home by an average of 5 percent with the new Timberline roof. That’s pretty amazing news. What all of this comes down to is pretty simple. It makes good sense to trust Timberline shingles.