Affordable doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Alison Victoria explains how GAF 3-tab shingles combine strong performance at a manageable price. ​

Just because something isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it’s cheap. ​Sometimes that’s what you as a homeowner may be looking for in a roof. A basic, affordable protection, you don’t want your roof to look like it came out of a bargain bin.

​We have the answer for you. 3 tab shingles from GAF are the ideal choice for a budget friendly roof. They give you a great look with proven performance. So you don’t have to sacrifice style or protection in order to save money. ​​For traditional 3 tab shingle you can’t go wrong with Royal Sovereign. This has been a go to 3 tab for contractors and builders for over 50 years because of its trusted quality.

​ It’s made with an advanced color sequencing technology which creates a rich and vivid design that’s hard to match. So even though you’re spending less you’re still getting the quality you’d expect from North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. And that is a real bargain.